Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2010, as a jewelry designer, Julie Impens has expended her work to the Fine Art scene. She has explored different media, from metal, to paper, through sculptures, drawings and paintings.

Her work has been shown around Europe, Asia, and the the USA, with publications in magazines, books, and exhibitions from Tokyo to Kaliningrad, and solo shows in Washington DC, Belgium, and London. 

Her work is her way to express her views on our society. She tries to explore and understand her surroundings through her work. She questions her origins, and try to understand her heritage in order to give answers to these questions. This is the reason why her background plays an important part in her work. Having being raised in a catholic family, she tries to understand the power that religion has on our everyday life and how religions have shaped the society in which we live and how it defined our definition of womanhood.

Curriculum Vitae